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Intermediate International School Award - January 2018         

We are delighted to announce that we have been awarded our Intermediate International School Award due to our work with schools in France and our communication with a school starting their Values journey in Baghdad. We are very grateful to Mrs Florentine Popescue who teaches French across the school for driving this initiative. Next step is gathering more evidence over the year to gain the full status. Please see below the assessor's comments:

"This application from Send CofE Primary School in Woking meets the criteria for the Intermediate Certificate. Well done! You have two active and collaborative international partnerships with French schools and have produced some excellent work especially in the use of French. The assessor was captivated by the ‘red carpet’ article on your International Week and enjoyed the quick glimpse into “le bistro de Dan Roro”. Excellent. We would now like to encourage you to look ahead to achieving full International School Award Accreditation in the summer of 2018. The core guidance is to be found in more detail on the SchoolsOnLine website – three collaborative activities, at least one foreign language focus and three other relevant ones, through which you will have engaged the whole school at various times between September 2017 and June 2018. A key element is that the seven activities must take place in the current academic year, although of course in established partnerships such as Emile Doucet and Etienne Chazoule there will be carry-forward which can be mentioned and illustrates embedded links. The current assessor’s advice starts with the suggestion it would be useful to create а international tab on your school website, perhaps in the ‘Our Community’ section. As a general point in identifying and planning your seven activities, it is always worth keeping а eye on the news and significant anniversaries in the application year e.g. the centenary of the end of the Great War in 2018. Teddy’s adventures and the ‘Values Education’ link with Baghdad could also both provide the basis for suitable new activities. When preparing for the full submission in the summer, please remember that the assessors will be looking for evidence of collaboration with the partner school(s) e.g. statements like “On the 9th of January our pupils received emails and then a package with artwork from the partner school. We discussed all this and compared what they had done with our own work, which we posted back on 1st February”. Generally more detail is anticipated in the application especially in the activity descriptions. Many schools make sharp and helpful distinctions between ‘Aims’ and ‘Outcomes’. Also, it is useful for schools to gather a few short quotes from pupils, staff and parents after each activity. This can be done by using the activity evaluation templates from the SchoolsOnline website and used to enrich your evaluation paragraphs. А example of good practice at this level can be found at Every school and every International School Award application is different, but with continued focus and determination Send Primary is well placed to move further forward over the next six months and gain full Accreditation. Congratulations "


Marks and Spencer Energy Fund Project - September 2017


Hurray Hurray! We have won the Marks and Spencer LED light bid. Thank you to all that voted. A real community effort! This will make such a difference to our KS1 building.

Let there be light!!!

SPORTSMARK GOLD                                                    

 We are very proud to have submitted a successful application and been awarded the Sportsmark Gold.

 The Sportsmark Gold award recognises those schools which show exceptional achievement, highly innovative schemes or outstanding progress in meeting their sporting aims. This success can only happen with the support of the whole school and those in our wider community. So thank you to all parents and carers who have supported at events and festivals in the last year and we look forward to another good year.

See comment below from Ally Reid - School Games organiser for South-West Surrey

 Send primary (previously St Bede.s juniors) do a fantastic job on engaging a high percentage of its pupils in extra-curricular sporting activity. They offer a wealth of clubs, in both traditional and alternative sports,  which also follow on numerous competitive opportunities. The school also places a high value on providing B & C team opportunities as well as leadership opportunities which further improves their school sport offer. A well deserved Gold award, congratulations! 

 Keep an eye out for a plaque which should be arriving soon!